Although finding a house on rent or even for sale is not at all difficult in a city like Amsterdam, yet there are quite a lot of difficulties that one may face during his endeavors. It is possible that the kind of house you are looking for is not at all available or it is available, but the location of that house is not where you are looking for.

These are some small points that are necessarily a part of your exploration for the house. However, the most important part you need to take care of is to look for a house, which is far away from things like housing scams. As these housing scams are really trending in Amsterdam and all the other nearby cities, you need to take care of a few things for this special kind of problem. We are providing a few tips, which may help you to find a house, which is free of scams.

Find the perfect location and ask the important questions: If you have explored the whole city and have chosen the best house, your job is not done yet. You need to search a lot about the landlord and nearby people too. It is necessary because you would be the one living in that house, so you should be aware of a few facts that will answer you whether that house is scam free or not. Questions like:

  • For how long the landlord or the landlady is living over there?
  • What is the background of your landlord?
  • Is there any kind of scamming issues happened here before?

So, just search about these questions and take out all the necessary information needed.

Say No to extra fees:

When renting a house one thing that is necessary to be given to the landlord is the advance deposit that the landlord is demanding. However, make sure that the place is hustle free so that you don’t face any problem in future.

If the landlord is asking for some extra fees, then you have the right to take action against him as there are no extra fees available that you need to pay to anyone. Also, advance deposit should be deposited for a few months only, which should be written on a contract that you would be signing. This is called as rent deed.


As there are a lot of house scams taking place around the globe one should surf a lot about the location and the house they are looking for. Go to site of reputed agencies in your area, which may help you to find a good house and thus will give you scam free and problem free living.

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