Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly competitive since many people are investing a lot of time and resources to grow their online presence. Conventional marketing methods that used to work well in the past are slowly becoming worthless and automation is slowly taking over.

Plenty of beneficial Instagram automation platforms have come up in the recent past. One such platform is SocialDrift, an intelligent automation tool that is steadily gaining popularity in the Instagram automation space. To use the bot, you need to provide all the relevant information about your target audience. The bot will then process this information together with Instagram parameters such as usernames and hashtags to identify your target accounts, follow them and engage them through likes and comments.

So, what makes SocialDrift a great Instagram automation tool?

Reporting Features

Unlike some other popular Instagram bots, SocialDrift provides you with weekly and monthly reports which you can use to assess your account’s activity and determine whether you are making any progress.

Targeted Audience

Now that SocialDrift utilizes artificial intelligence and smart filters to operate, it has the potential to identify and engage your target audience with ease. The bot incorporates machine learning algorithms in decision making which results in timely, yet less predictable responses.  The smart filters enable you to narrow down the audience search using parameters such as popularity, gender, age, and location.

Meets Instagram Terms and Conditions

SocialDrift meets all of Instagram’s terms of service. Using this automation tool ensures that your account remains secure and effective. The Secureboost feature keeps your account within Instagram activity limits and shields you from getting banned.

Attractive Dashboard

Once you purchase the tool, you will have access to an easy to use dashboard which facilitates tracking of your activities, followers, and conversations.  You can use the dashboard to activate or deactivate actions such as commenting, liking and following depending on your preference. It also has a user support section where you can contact the SocialDrift experts concerning any arising issues.

Rapid Growth

SocialDrift has a Turbo Mode attribute that facilitates a systematic exchange of likes and comments with your followers. The Secureboost feature ensures that you only engage with users that are most likely to engage you back.

To learn more about SocialDrift, click here.

In Closing

As a business, you may need an automation tool that helps you to move forward. The use of artificial intelligence in SocialDrift may be of great advantage to you as you can use this great automation tool to enjoy a rapid growth and unique posts.

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