Fish is very useful and delicious product. There are a
lot of dishes that can be cooked from this magnificent product. Also, scientists
consider fish meat a great source of minerals and vitamins. Some eastern
scientist consider that daily consumption of fish prolongs human life. Fish forcemeat
is very juicy and gentle. Such forcemeat can be used for a vast variety of
dishes among which are cutlets. Such cutlets can be served not only for regular
dinner but also to any celebration.

Fish cutlets can be fried and steamed. The last type
of preparation is considered a fine dietary dish (especially for those who
calculate calories.)

There are many recipes of such cutlets. Fish cutlets
can be cooked, with an addition of different grains, vegetables and types of
fish. It is important to choose fresh fish for future forcemeat. Sea, lake, and
river fish are suitable for cutlets. It can be a humpback salmon, a pelengas, a
halibut, a cod, a pollock or a pike. It is desirable that it was not too fat
and not dry. However, it is alterable. You can add a little fat to dry fish. If
there is too much – to cut off excess fat.

However, it is preferable to choose large fish.
Cutlets farom it will turn out more juicy and tasty.


The forcemeat for cutlets should always be ground.
This is how you will dispose of unnecessary small bones. For this purpose, you
need to use any type of meat grinder. If you do not have one learn out what to
consider when choosing one at Prepping Meat.

If the choice is small and large fish is not present,
it is necessary to process it through a meat grinder several times. Then small
bones will be crushed and would not be felt. And for consistency, it is better
to rinse knives of the meat grinder with cold water.

It is possible to add the cooled cream or crude potatoes
to fish forcemeat. It is also possible to add any vegetables, for example,
cabbage and carrots. If to speak about grains, semolina is used most often.
Eggs, onion, garlic, spices and lemon juice can be used as additional
ingredients. It is also possible to add fried onions, cheese, cottage cheese,
and apples.

To keep juiciness in fish cutlets, in the beginning,
it is necessary to be fried from two parts on strong fire without cover). Then
it is possible to bring it to readiness at a small temperature under a cover.

It is also possible to lay out cutlets on a baking
sheet, to add a little sour cream, grated cheese. Then add a little water mixed
with butter and bake it in the oven.

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