The market has several types of perfumes for women. Every woman that uses perfume has to choose from this collection. Each perfume exhibits a specific kind of aura, and there are some that are best worn only at specific times of the day. Let us look at some of the common types

The Fruity Type

Fruity perfumes exude a fresh fragrance that is closely associated with femininity. It is considered to be a casual type of perfume that is worn by women early in the morning or on a sunny afternoon. Some popular fruit scents include cucumber melon, cherry, apple, and strawberry.

The Oriental Type

This is a more sophisticated type of perfume meant for exotic women. It denotes very unusual scents such as amber and cinnamon and is common among very choosy women. Perfumes that fall in this category often have a strong scent that does not wear off easily. Women who wear it often attract a lot of attention. This type is ideal for evening meetings and events.

The Fresh Type

This perfume leaves you smelling young, energetic and clean. It is associated with the memory of the ocean and bears names such as rain, ice or anything associated with being clean. This type of perfume is common in young women, especially those in their mid or late teens. The scent associated with such perfume is fancy but not too formal.

The Floral Type

Perfumes that fall in this category mimic the smell of fresh flowers. They are considered to be very feminine and thus used by women who what to appear lady-like. Certain flower scents are common in these perfumes, although they can be mixed with other scents to create a unique fragrance. Some common floral perfumes on the market include rose, jasmine, and lilac.

In Closing

Although these are the most common scents worn by women, the list is not exhaustive, check out Your Scent is Your Signature for some more types. Some brands mix two or more of the above-mentioned types. It is always advisable to choose one that matches your personality, work and lifestyle. This way, you can confidently display your attitude and create an image of yourself around people. Because some brands are more expensive than others, always have a budget in mind before making any purchase decision. You can save up for your favourite scent or do some research for a cheaper alternative that has almost the same scent. If you do not have any brand in mind, you can get your family and friends to recommend some good ones.

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