There’s more to serving coffee than just pouring it in a cup. More specifically, the way you serve coffee at home is different from formal settings such as dinner meetings. Here are a few things you should keep in mind the next time you’re serving coffee.

Use the Right Cup for a Particular Type of Coffee

You just don’t serve coffee in any cup. For starters, coffee cups come in three different sizes – each size for a distinct blend of coffee. Small cups, for instance, are ideal for black coffee or espresso. Speaking of cups, has a collection of espresso cups to help you stay in line with the demands of serving coffee.

Moving on, coffee etiquette requires that you use tea cups during meals while the large ones are perfect for family breakfast. As a rule of thumb be sure to place your cup on a saucer and don’t forget to include a spoon. When serving your guests, ensure that the handle is at an easy to reach angle. For a big crowd, always carry a coffee pot on a tray.

Serving Coffee at Home

You don’t have to lay much emphasis on formalities when preparing and serving coffee at home. In fact, unless you have visitors, all you need to do is to place the coffee pot on the table and let everyone serve themselves. See, unlike during luncheons, you can allow people to add sugar and cream as per their preference at an informal setting.

One more thing; remember to clean your appliance regularly. One of the main reasons you cup of coffee may taste bad is due to using a dirty apparatus. You should, therefore clean the equipment once in a while. Whenever possible clean every day. Most espresso machines or French presses come with dishwasher safe parts so you shouldn’t have a problem maintaining cleanliness.

Also, be mindful about the quality of water that you’re using. If your tap water isn’t clean, you may consider filtering it to get rid of the impurities.

The Bottom Line

Preparing a delicious cup of coffee is one thing but serving it well is entirely different. It is the simple tweaks that make all the difference. Whenever you’re unsure, you can ask your guests how they prefer to have their coffee. You can then know which cup size to use and whether to add sugar or not. Also, remember to ask for help if you’re serving a big crowd.

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