If you own a car or are planning on becoming a car owner, you will need reliable repair and maintenance services from time to time. Many car owners, especially those who just bought their first car, lack adequate mechanical knowledge. That means, even for the slightest set-offs, you will need to hire maintenance and repair services.

That said, finding a reliable repair and maintenance service provider is the hardest part. The market is flooded with quacks and amateurs with fancy names and shops who claim to be the best. So how do you differentiate between a professional auto mechanic and a pretender? This article outlines some top tips to help you find the best professional car repair and maintenance services.

Ask for recommendations

If your car needs repair or service for the first time or if you moved into a new neighborhood, you can start by asking friends and family for recommendations. Being the people you trust and whose opinions you value the most, they are more than likely to refer you to their favorite repair shops or auto mechanics. You can also research online for any reputable car repair and maintenance service providers around where you live. It is likely probable that you may come across some of the shops recommended by your family and friends.

Background Check

Before engaging any car repair and maintenance services, it is necessary to conduct a little research regarding the options available. The background check is aimed at ensuring that the service provider you select is adequately trained, experienced and has all the required certifications. Most professional car repair and maintenance service providers have websites where potential clients can sample their services, make inquiries, book appointments, and read reviews posted by other customers. That can help you to narrow down your search and select the service providers with the most overwhelming positive reviews.

Make Comparisons

After narrowing down your potential service providers, get quotations and compare the services provided including the price charged. This will help you determine the amount you are supposed to pay for your car’s repair and maintenance. However, do not be misled by the price charged. The most expensive services do not necessarily translate into better quality services and vice versa. Look for a service provider who meets your repair or servicing needs and whose charges are within your predetermined budget.


Ensure that the repair shop you pick specializes in servicing or repairing your car make or model. Such repair shops are the best because their mechanics are certified to work on that specific car model. Additionally, they are more likely to have all the original spare parts needed and at a lower price. Such repair shops employ ASE Certified Technicians who have undergone rigorous training and testing making them experts in their work. For instance, www.MercedesChelmsford.com specializes in repairing and maintaining BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW Mini, and Volkswagen Audi group (VAG).  As such, they can be trusted to Maintain and repair those models since their technicians are highly trained and experienced in that field.

Additional Perks

Some repair shops make transport arrangements for you in case your car requires a major repair. Such provisions include free transportation back home or to the office while others give you an alternative vehicle. Therefore, make sure you ask about the availability of such services before hiring the services of any repair shop.

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