How will you attain a nude makeup appearance or look? To achieve the natural look, you must first prepare everything like the area where you will work on, and of course, your face should be cleaned. Here are the things you should do to prepare your face for having a nude makeup.

Cleanse your face.

Nude makeup initiates simplicity. Therefore if you want to wear nude makeup, you should first wash your face. Your skin should be flawless in order to attain a favorable outcome. Similar in painting, the first thing that you must do is to prepare all needed materials like the canvas, the paint and the paintbrush. In nude makeup application, you will need to carefully make your face as your canvas, the makeup that you will use and the tools for you to apply it.

Choose right foundation.

Even though some of the makeup experts don’t suggest using a foundation as your base, but this also has benefits. A Foundation can assist you in making your face smoother. But you should be meticulous in choosing the tone of your foundation. You may encounter some difficulties in selecting the right foundation tone for your skin.

Apply a concealer no matter what.

Using a foundation on your face is optional, but the concealer application is a must. It will help you to hide any flaw on your skin. To have a great result in the application, you must use a mirror which is well lit for proper implementation.

After all the needed application on your base, your face will appear radiant and flawless. If you already achieve this, you can now proceed to complete the nude makeup. You can start working on your lips, cheeks and eyes.

Make your lips natural.

Since the aim of the nude makeup is to show your natural look, your lips should also look natural. According to Lovely Lips, in working with your lips, make sure that you exfoliate it first. The dryness and roughness of your lips will be eliminated through exfoliation. But be sure to do it gently so that you the natural color of your lips will be brought out. After you exfoliate, you can apply a natural colored lipstick (like pink) to make a simple touch. Then in completion to the nude makeup, you should put a little gloss on your lips.

Flaunt a sexy eye.

Your eyes can be one of your amazing assets. It can express and display the affection and feel that you wanted to show. That is why when you make it as simple as it is, it will appear more sexy and expressive. For you to have a natural eyes look, of course, you will need to set aside the application of thick eyeliners and makeups. Instead of putting or applying those stuffs, just put mascara and curl it a little. You can also put fake eyelashes if you want.

Since nude makeup deals with the simplicity of makeup colors, you must choose the makeup that will be suitable to your complexion. You should be cognizant of what will be the proper color that will match to your skin tone. If you have dark, medium or fair skin, you should know which color to apply. The use of the nude makeup is a great way of showing a great skin even though you really don’t have it. Improve and gain natural beauty through nude makeup.

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