Handy Tips to Record Your First Promotional Video

We live in the era of social media. What this means is that you can reach masses with a promotional video within minutes. Even then, you must get the basics right. Indeed, the higher the quality of your video, the likelihood of it going viral. Here’s a rundown of what you should do;

Invest in a Good Shotgun Mic

You cannot record a promotional video without including high-quality audio. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to invest in a brilliant shotgun to allow you to capture stellar sound. The only thing that you need to do is to ensure that you check the microphone’s features to ensure that it can get the job done. Start by visiting http://microphonegeeks.com/audio-technica-at897-short-shotgun-review/ to view a top-rated shotgun mic by Audio-Technica and what it can do to enhance the sound of your promotional video.

Select Your Location Wisely

Whenever possible, shoot your video inside a room. On top of that, be sure to select your lighting and sound carefully. At the same time, avoid areas such as parks, terrace, or the balcony. The last thing that you want in your kick-starter video is sudden light or noise changes.

Have Your Target Audience in Mind

Indeed, you want to make your video as appealing as possible. You should, therefore, ensure that your audience can resonate with the entire set. Choose the lingo correctly too. If you’re targeting teenagers, for instance, you need to use the language they’ll understand and most importantly compel them to take action. The same goes for an older audience.

Clear the Room

You should have enough space to allow you to move around with ease. You have to ensure that you stay away from natural light coming through the window. Get rid of any reflective objects including shiny metals and glass. In other words, you must remove any distractions.

The Bottom Line

Making promotional videos that will encourage your target audience to take action isn’t the simplest of tasks. It is even harder if you have never done it before. Consider hiring a professional if you are not sure of how to set up the stage. Don’t forget to check the sound using a headphone to ensure that you’re recording correctly.

Other than that, film use multiple shots to give your different video perspectives. Invest in two cameras if you can. One should be for capturing wider shots and the other for close-up medium shots.

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