This digital era has changed how people exchange information and the interactions have also been more effective as well. The most notable platforms of digital marketing have been the various social media platforms that crop up regularly. There are some that have failed to pick up completely while others are gaining popularity each and every day. One of such remarkable platforms is Instagram which is the second biggest social platform after Facebook based on the number of users. However, those people you see with huge followings and making huge sales have invested a lot of time and effort to reach where they are. The following are simple ways on how to grow your account in the shortest time possible.

    1. Be consistent in posting

Some of those who fail at social media marketing do not have schedules that indicate what they should do at a particular time. Give your followers something to look up to let us say every day or even several times in a week. Do not be those guys that post once in a week and then go for a month break and expect to grow your account. Ensure that what you post adds value to your followers as this creates an urge for them to come back for more.

    1. Collaborate with influencers

You could be making awesome posts but you do not have the numbers on your account. Using an influencer can increase your reach tenfold and create an impact like never before. You just have to check some of the major influencers in your niche and develop some content around it. You can agree to make some photos or videos depending on the sector that you operate in. The influencers can make posts on your behalf and then mention your brand in the process. Ensure that you draft a contract to ensure that everything runs out smoothly.

    1. Get some help

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is thinking that they can handle everything on their own. Finding a balance between work and social media management is not that easy and you might find yourself compromising one area. You may find yourself spending so much time trying to search for new followers and increase engagement on your account. People are always attracted to accounts with high engagement levels. Luckily, there are services like that can help you get more followers, likes and comments on your account and save you the struggle.

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