Proper air pressure is very essential for safe and smooth biking. Low air pressure in your tires can cause difficult handling and require great effort in paddling the bike. Low air pressure also causes difficulties in controlling the maneuverability of your bike on the road which can also result in an accident. To maintain proper air pressure in your tire you must inflate your tire with the help of an air pump. Air pump is a device which inflates high pressure air in your tire with excess force. For more information regarding the bike pump you can visit this website. Some of the important features of a bike pump are mentioned below:

  • Pressure: Every bike pump must offer the desired pressure that is needed by the rider to properly inflate the tires. Bike pumps are designed in such a way that they offer the desired pressure. Bike pumps with low air pressure will require a high human effort in form of number of pump strokes to properly inflate the tire up to desired pressure.
  • Volume: Volume signifies the capacity of the air blown in tire when it is stroked once. Bike pumps with large cylinder will give away a large volume of air in a single stroke. So, you must take a look at the volume of cylinder used in manufacturing bike pump for delivering the desired volume of air.
  • Gauge: Efficient gauge should be used in the manufacturing of the pump which signifies the air pressure inside the bike tires. Faulty gauge can result in extra inflated tires and can cause explosion in bike tire. So, always prefer using air pump with an inbuilt gauge.
  • Tough body: Every bike pump should be made using tough metal cylinder. Pumping air inside a tire causes high air pressure inside the cylinder. So, keeping safety procedure in mind the pump body should be made of metal rather than plastic or hardened fiber. Usually air cylinders are made of anti corrosion steel pipes which prevent it from rust and corrosion.
  • Portable: Bike pump should be designed according to the cycle frame and models. It must be portable so that it can be carried along with the bike. Most of the pumps are designed in such a way that they fit into the frame of the bike and don’t cause any problem to the rider while riding the bicycle.
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