Your foot deserves the best care, just like any other component of your body. However, this is not always the case, owing to different conditions, which affect the foot. Here are the most common foot diseases, which you need to know.

Fungal and bacterial diseases

Both fungus and bacteria can cause foot diseases. Many times, the conditions occur because the foot stays inside the shoes for a long time. Fungus and bacteria grow perfectly under warm and humid environments. Once they infect your foot, they cause blisters, peeling, and itching. An example of a foot condition that is caused by fungal or bacterial infection is athlete foot.

It is advisable to treat such infections right away before they develop and become more difficult to cure. It is also possible to avoid such infections by keeping your feet dry, changing your socks, and by changing your shoes. Alternatively, you can also consult a foot specialist through this website.

Corns and calluses

These conditions occur because of pressure and friction between the bony parts of the foot. When they happen, it is advisable to consult a foot specialist for proper treatment. You can also avoid the conditions by wearing shoes that fit properly on your feet or by using special pads to protect your feet inside the shoes.


This condition is caused by viruses and it leads to painful blisters on your foot. Without proper treatment, warts may spread to other parts of the body. Over the counter pills may not be effective against the condition, so it is advisable to see a specialist.


Bunions often occur in the foot joints, especially in the big toe. When the joints do not fit as they should, the toes begin to swell. For less severe bunions, you can manage them by tapping your feet, wearing pads, and by wearing special shoes. These remedies can help reduce the pain. Other remedies include using shoe inserts or taking anti-inflammatory medicines.

Ingrown toenails

This condition happens when part of the nail grows inwards. In that situation, it can break the skin and cause acute pain. For people with large nails, this condition is quite common. The best remedy is to visit a podiatrist to remove the ingrown piece. Once the piece is removed, the area begins to heal. Alternatively, you can alleviate the condition by cutting across and leveling the toenail.

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