A plasma cutter is simply a cutting tool which uses electricity to create a powerful arc of plasma that cuts through the various metal sheets. These cutters are used in those metals which are a good conductor of electricity and allow the current to flow through it. This cutter uses highly compressed inert gases and an electrical arc which is extremely hot to cut the metal with ease and without causing any kind of damage to the sheet or paint. To know more about the plasma cutters you can visit http://www.cutslikebutter.com/plasma-cutter-for-commercial-projects/.


A plasma cutter comes with many features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Cutting Speed: Plasma cutter cuts through the metal sheets with ease and in quick time. Cutting time also depends on the type of metal that is being cut and how thick the sheet is.
  • Thickness: An ideal plasma cutter offers the maximum thickness of ΒΌ inch that can be cut easily. Thick metal sheet will require high amperes and will consume more time in cutting the sheet, while thin sheet will require low amperes and cutting will also be done in lesser time.
  • Power Output: The power output of a plasma cutter is measured in terms of amperes and cycles. High power rating cutters are primarily used in commercial work where heavy duty cutting is required. Low power rating cutters are used by the fabricators and small scale industries where thin and less cutting is required.
  • Duty Cycles: Many plasma cutters are available in the market which offer custom duty cycles. In simple words the intensity of the duty cycle can be increased or decreased according to the type of metal and the thickness of the metal being used for cutting purpose.
  • Portability: Plasma cutters are very portable to use in a compact space. A lightweight unit will be an added advantage for carrying out the unit around the job site. Many of them have a built in storage space for keeping torch, cables and consumables in it.
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