The festive season along with the winters is approaching and here comes the time to make proper arrangements for keeping the surroundings warm. Heaters are the perfect way to get the warmth in the winters.  There are different types of heaters which help you to battle with the chilly weather. Patio Heaters HQ is ideal for combating with the cold weather. While buying the heater, you should go for the latest technology and avoid going against environmental implications.

Depending upon the size of the room, the heaters can be chosen. There are free standing, portable, small as well as large sized heaters operating on different fuel and electricity. If you want to cut cost on buying the big room heaters, then it is better to look for the wide range of portable heaters. The portable heaters are less expensive and ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.

Space heaters

The space heaters are sizzling for those who own a small space and can afford to buy low cost heaters. It also helps them to save on the utility bill. Space heaters can instantly heat up the room and occupy less space due to their sleek designs. Different designs of the space heaters also improve the aesthetics of the house. Since, there is no release of smoke and flame people install it in their bedrooms, living room, garage, loft room or in the garden area.

The space heaters are powered by electricity, propane or natural gas. Thus, this type of heaters allows you to enjoy the constant warmth without burning your eyes due to the burning and emitting ashes. These types of heaters consume less energy and provide maximum output. You should consider construction of the space heaters as it enables you to buy the safe space heaters. The better construction design prevents short circuit, thus offers protection to the device.

Free standing heaters

Free standing heaters are the most popular type of heaters. They are generally seen at the restaurants and in homes. The free standing heaters have stands and thus can be placed at any free space. Some of the free standing heaters have rotatory features also. They can rotate to about 180 degrees from their mean position. The base of this type of heaters offers greater stability to the big and heavy body of the heater. The reflector installed in it is capable of retaining the heat by reflecting back the heat to the edge of the heater.


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