Fresh juices are a healthy option, and we all love the juices because they are healthier than the juices we pick from supermarket shelves that are made from chemical and could lead to cancer. To get a high-quality juice, we should always use the best juicer. We often confuse a masticating juicer and a centrifugal juicer, but there is a big difference that we must know to ensure that we purchase the right equipment. The major difference between the two devices is that the masticating juicer often referred to as a slow juicer uses a chewing blade while a centrifugal juicer which is a more traditional juicing tool uses spinning blades.  The major benefit that we get from the new juicer is that it squeezes juice from fresh fruits at a low temperature this ensures that the nutrients found in the juice are not heated because heating would interfere with the nutrients.  The juice from the juicer is compelling and has a colour that is thick making it more beneficial to the body.

There are numerous masticating juicers models in the market, but we should always be keen on the device we purchase to ensure that we do not pick substandard equipment. Below I will discuss the best juicers that I have personally used, and they never frustrate.

  1. Omega J8006

The reason as to why I recommend this juicer is because it operates at a speed of 80RPMS which ensures that oxidation is minimal giving us juices that have all the healthy enzymes and can stay longer without going bad.  The juice we get from this juicer has a great colour, all the vitamins and nutrients.  For the health conscious individuals, we should always purchase the juicer that can extract juice that is rich in flavor and has all the nutrients that the body requires. Using the juicer, we can get healthy juice from vegetables preventing ourselves from contracting common illnesses.

  1. The 2 SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation

The juicer is efficient because in the modern days we do not want to take time chopping fruits when juicing.  This juicer does that.  The juicer cannot get clogged owing this to the wide mouth that it has.  Juice extracted by the juicer can never get oxidized, and we are guaranteed of fresh juice at all times. All the parts of the juicer are easily cleaned to make sure that we take fresh juices.   This device is the best slow juicer that we can ever get, and it squeezes juice from fresh fruits at a speed of 60 RPMS ensuring that we get cold juices at all times. We should always avoid purchasing juicers that operate at high speed because they produce juices that lack the required nutrients.

  1. The 5 VREMI Slow Juicer 200W

This is the most affordable juicer that we can get in the market that has great features and ability to extract juice that is nutritious.  The juicer has the ability of squeezing juice from the hardest fruits in the best way. The juicer can is also ideal when we want to enjoy some cold carrot juice that has all the nutrients. It is well designed to look neat in the kitchen.

With these juicers we are assured of leading healthy lives and our bodies will easily resist diseases caused by low immunity.

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