When bringing up green smoothies in a discussion, people would react as if it is disgusting. Even though these are available almost anywhere, there are lots of people who avoid drinking them. So, what’s the deal with them, are they as healthy as they seem to be or could they taste awful?

Overview of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies do not refer to literal green-colored smoothies, but these refer to those that include vegetables as ingredients. Ingredients may be kale, rainbow chard, spinach, and other greens. Others even add herbs such as mint and parsley into their smoothies. Of course, it does not mean that these cannot include fruits and other components. Actually, it is best if you mix fruits along with green smoothies, to improve their taste.

Top-Notch Nutritional Content

Green smoothies beat salads when it comes to nutritional content since liquids are much easier to take in than solids. Furthermore, these contain a concentrated amount of leafy vegetables than other sources. Also, green, leafy vegetables are one of the healthiest food in the world. Moreover, pureed greens are easier to digest than solid wholes, thus assisting your body’s digestion. Overall, nothing beats the green smoothies as the healthiest beverage available to you.

Odd-Looking but Potentially Tasty

Plain, green smoothies have a comparable appearance to goo, which may turn off other people. Moreover, these taste disgusting without additives, such as fruits, milk, and yogurt. However, once you add the proper flavorings, then your drink will be as tasty as regular smoothies. In fact, well-made green smoothies may even surpass fruit smoothies when it comes to flavor since vegetables add a unique balance. Lastly, if you know how to play by your creativity, then green smoothies may be the drink of choice for you.

Blending at Your Home

There’s no need for you to buy smoothies from a stall outside when you can purchase a blender for yourself. All you need to do then is grab a few ingredients, then let your blender do the work. If you wish to find a blender online, then check SmoothieMaker to check out a few models. Remember, making smoothies is a fun, relaxing activity that you will not regret.

Rich in Antioxidants

By adding dark, leafy greens to your smoothie, you will have an immune system boost thanks to its antioxidants. Furthermore, these grant protection from environmental damage and toxins from other substances. Also, these help you flush out colds and process a hangover much faster. Perhaps it may even protect you from cancer and other genetic mutations.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Since you add dark leafy greens, you also benefit from their anti-inflammatory properties. Such substances counter the effects of processed food and saturated fats that cause cancers, inflammation, or perhaps stress-related conditions. Mix up a few bananas, berries, and kale, then add yogurt. Drink up, and you will gradually improve your health and stave off diseases.


In the end, green smoothies turn out to be different from your initial expectations. If the one producing it is creative, then the taste will even trump over fruit smoothies. Furthermore, these are heavyweight when it comes to nutritional content, so drink them if you wish to live a long, healthy life.

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