Modern security and policing operations require the officers to wear some sort of safety gear. This can prevent loss of life and injury to them. Officers of a number of departments like military, law enforcement and several others wear safety gear in order to protect themselves from possible injuries and life threats.

Plate carriers

Plate carriers provide protection to the upper body by making use of adjustable loops and integrated straps. They usually consist of adjustable cords and Velcro straps that give a natural fit and provide freedom of movement. They are generally made of polyethylene and ceramic. You may pick up your own plate carrier from the numerous options available online. However, while buying them, it is advisable to consider the following aspects:

  • Choose a plate carrier according to the body size in order to ensure protection of the vital organs.
  • Ensure that the plate carriers are made of breathable and comfortable fabrics so that they may be worn for longer periods of time.
  • While purchasing plate carriers for existing plates, consider their size in order to ensure the right fit.

Chest rigs

These consist of various straps and compartments for accommodating various types of equipment. Unlike plate carriers which provide ballistic protection, chest rigs typically focus on tactical functionality. They are confined to user front protection and are suitable for carrying various kinds of equipment. They are usually made of breathable materials and provide comfort to the wearer.

Factors to consider while buying body armour

Body armour is important as it can save your life in difficult situations. It is hence important to consider a few essential factors while making a purchase decision. Few of them include:

  • Consider the quality of the carrier plates and rigs in order to ensure safety.
  • Consider the end use of the armour and choose ones with the relevant attachment and features.
  • Look out for multi stitching on attachment points and seams in order to ensure durability.
  • Avoid choosing gear which has elastic fitted on the shoulders as the elastic may weaken with time thereby reducing the effectiveness of the gear in ensuring safety.
  • While choosing gear, it is essential to ensure the adjustability of the gear to make sure that it can be customized to fit the body shape and size.

There are various types of safety gear that may be chosen. Choosing the right gear is important in order to ensure the safety of the wearer.

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