Best Computerized Sewing Machines

Are you currently on the lookout for the best computerized sewing machine? There are many different brands and models to choose from that’s currently available on the market. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best models made by three of the world’s leading sewing machine producers and compare its pros and cons. The three different models that we’ll be looking at will be Singer’s Legacy C440, Janome’s DC1050, and the Designio DZ2400 by Brother which are all featured at SewingMachine.Today so you can always head over there for a more detailed review.

First up is the Singer Legacy C440.

It is an easy to use sewing machine that’s suitable even for beginners! It is equipped with a fairly large LCD touch screen, 200 built-in stitch patterns and comes fully loaded with plenty of great features.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and take a look at its pros and cons.


1: It is very easy to use and is suitable even for beginners.
2: Two hundred different stitching options to choose from for different purposes such as basic stitches, satin stitches, decorative stitches, etc. that’s easy to configure.
3: Large LCD touch screen for easy pattern selection.
4: Built in memory to save your favorite patterns.
5: Made out of good quality materials and is very sturdy and durable.
6: Extra-large sewing surface that is perfect for large projects such as quilts and curtains.
7: Save time with its automatic built-in needle threader.


1: No USB port for firmware update

Next up is the DC1050 by Janome.

The DC1050 is a well-rounded machine that’s capable of variety of different sewing tasks. This machine is jam packed with great features and automation that will help to make your job much easier. Some of its highlights are backlit LCD touch screen, speed control slider, memorized needle up and down, and locking stitch button.

Now that we’ve seen its highlights, let’s look a bit deeper at its pros and cons.


1: Very light weight making it easy to transport around.
2: Start and stop button and speed control slider eliminates the need of a foot pedal (Although the pedal is also included).
3: Reverse and locking stitch button for neat and clean stitch lines.
4: Suitable for thick fabrics such as denim, blankets, etc.
5: High powered and durable motor for consistent stitch quality.
6: Easy to use and short learning curve.


1: The standard light that it comes with can be a little bit dim but this can easily be solved with an external LED light.

Last but not least on our list is the Designio DZ2400 by Brother.

The Designio DZ2400 is a great machine that’s capable of performing many different tasks. If you’re big on quilting, it is also able to perform intricate quilting patterns. The DZ2400 offers great value for your money which can be proved with its plethora of features and functions that it’s loaded with.

As usual, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


1: Larger than usual work space. If you compare it to similar sewing machines, the DZ2400 offers an extra 33% larger surface for you to work on.
2: Bright LCD Display that’s also easy on the eyes.
3: Adjustable foot pedal pressure so you can control its speed based on how hard you press.
4: Automatic Needle Threading to save you time.
5: Very high quality, both its construction and the stitches that it produces.


1: Does not come with an automatic thread cutter.

Now that you’ve read the listed pros and cons of these three high quality machines, it’ll hopefully narrow down your selection and bring you one step closer to purchasing your new computerized sewing machine. Here are the links of where you can read more about them, check prices and make your purchase.

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