Advanced SEO Guide for Starters

Although this is a starters guide we still want to cover some advanced topics. Simply because Google requires that these days. It’s so easy to get your site penalized in 2018 and we want you to know how to avoid this at all costs so let’s get started with the first and most important point.

On-page SEO

In case you don’t know what SEO stands for it means search engine optimization and it starts with optimizing your web page for Google. Yes there are other search engines out there like Yahoo, and Baidu in case you operate in China, or Yandex if your site is in Russia but as this is an English written article we stick to Google for now.

The most important part about on-page SEO is getting your keyword in the right place, that should include your title, your H1 tag, preferably once in a H2 tag as well though that’s not a must, also in the URL of course and a few times throughout the content. Don’t overdo this though, if you have a long phrase like ‘how to rank in Google’ you don’t want to repeat this exact phrase each time, just mix up the words a little bit by breaking it apart. Google is smarter then following the words in the same order as you wrote them, and if you don’t mix it up they might even penalize you, labeled under keyword stuffing. Not something you want right?

Also, make sure to add some structured markup to your page as Google totally loves it and if possible try to include some tables as well as that might get you the top featured result which gets most of the clicks. Easy right?

Off-page SEO

This means nothing else than plain old link building. When building links there are two things that you absolutely need. Strength and relevance are the most important ranking factors. Every link doesn’t have to be hyper-relevant as long as it’s placed on a page with some strength.

Every link doesn’t have to come from a strong page either as long as it’s contextually relevant. It would obviously be best if you could only get links that are both powerful and relevant but that’s a near-impossible job so aim on one at a time instead and you will get there.

It’s also important to vary up your anchor text as it’s very easy to overdo that and Google will recognize a pattern of keyword stuffing your anchors, and those penalties are much harder to get rid off then a penalty based on some stuffing on your webpage as that’s very easy to adjust while the others, well if you rely on others for your link building campaign it takes a bit more effort, and in the worst cases the damage is permanent.

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