There are lots of graphically impressive and innovative video games available these days, with many more being developed. But there are also lots of older games which can provide experiences not possible in today’s games. As well as providing unique experiences, older games require much less processing power to play, and cost much less too.

For these reasons, older game emulators and consoles are extremely popular, with lots of different ways available for those who want to play titles like Sega and Nintendo. If you want to play some classic retro games, the following guide discusses 5 best ways to play these titles today. For additional crucial information about classic retro games, consoles, reviews and more, visit Retro Pool.

Original consoles

Original consoles provide the most thod of playing older games, but it may be the costliest method as well. Many online retailers like Amazon and eBay sell authentic gaming consoles in great condition, in addition to the original cartridges with the classic titles. There are also many offline stores selling retro gaming systems, and there’s a high chance that you may find a bunch of older systems and games at a thrift store or swap meet.

Replica consoles

This choice is ideal for collectors, hobbyists as well as other hardcore older game buffs. It may be hard to find functional older consoles to run retro games on, but many third party companies have stepped up to fill the gap. These manufacturers have developed gaming systems with an internal architecture that’s similar to classic consoles, and some even have extra features. These systems run cartridges for older games, including SNES and NES, bringing an experience that’s almost similar to gaming on the original consoles.


Smartphones are east to setup to copy older consoles, making them great portable gaming systems.

Smartphones offer the cheapest and easiest way to play older games: all you need is a smartphone. Whether you’re using Android of iPhone, both devices have lots of emulators on their own app stores. On smartphones, the most common systems easily emulated include the NES, SNES, Game Boy and Sega Genesis, but some more technologically smartphones can emulate older 3D consoles like PSX and N64. One problem you find with this approach is problems with controls, but there are lots of peripherals you can get cheaply that have better sticks and buttons, which means you won’t need to use your touch screen.

Virtual consoles

This is a way of emulating retro games that’s provided by manufacturers. The current versions of gaming monitor popular platform consoles offer older games wrapped in a virtual machine or shell meant to emulate the first device it was based on. Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox One all sell retro games digitally, letting you play the games on your current gaming machine.

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